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04/11/2017 by Matt

True XC9 ACF Pants

For those of you out there looking to replace your hockey pants this summer, it could pay to wait until July 15th when the True XC9 ACF Pants are released.

The True XC9 ACF pants have a multitude of different features, enough to keep everyone happy and safe, from mid-level players all the way to professionals.

One of the biggest problems I have with hockey pants and the reason I end up replacing my own so often is due to the smell and bacteria build up on them. The True XC9 Pants eliminate that thanks to a great antimicrobial liner that runs through the pants, preventing the build up of odor causing bacteria. The tactical mesh ripstop material also provides extra air flow and breathability, again preventing odor and bacteria build up.

As for the pants themselves, True Hockey has designed the XC9 pants to offer great protection when playing thanks to the X-TEC suspension technology used. This uses coated nylon and HD foam to protect your hip and kidney areas, the areas you don’t want to be getting hit in. This protection is industry leading and offers impact absorption that has never been achieved before.

The True XC9 ACF pants boast an anatomical and tapered fit which offers a closer to the body feel, all the while remaining lightweight and providing unmatched protection. Additionally, for those looking for a better fit, True has also included grommet structured height adjustment on the XC9 pants which add up to an extra two inches of length. The padded loop throughout the belt and lace ensures you will have great fitting pants to play hockey in.

If you are looking for some new hockey pants this summer, make sure you check out the True XC9 Pants. They offer a top of the line protection and durability, along with top notch features and an outstanding fit. The True XC9 pants are slated to drop this summer, but keep an eye out at for a potential pre-order starting in mid to late June. They will also be selling the XC9 pants once they are officially released.

True XC9 ACF Pants

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