True Pro Custom Skates by Scott Van Horne

06/28/2017 by Matt

True Pro Custom Skate by Scott Van Horne

After purchasing VH Footwear, True Hockey will put their own spin on the successful skates by launching the True Pro Custom Skates by Scott Van Horne in July. While the information we currently have on the skates is limited, we have received a few sneak peeks of the True Pro Custom Skates courtesy of True Hockey…

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True Hockey Logo

04/11/2017 by Matt

True XC9 ACF Pants

For those of you out there looking to replace your hockey pants this summer, it could pay to wait until July 15th when the True XC9 ACF Pants are released. The True XC9 ACF pants have a multitude of different features, enough to keep everyone happy and safe, from mid-level players all the way to professionals….

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True XC9 Z-Palm Gloves

01/27/2017 by Matt

True XC9 Z-Palm Gloves Review

Last year, True Hockey changed the game when it comes to hockey gloves by introducing the True Z-Palm gloves. These marked the first hockey gloves on the market with interchangeable palms, meaning you could simply unzip the old palm and replace it with a new one at any time, even if it were within minutes of a…

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