True XC9 Z-Palm Gloves

01/27/2017 by Matt

True XC9 Z-Palm Gloves Review

Last year, True Hockey changed the game when it comes to hockey gloves by introducing the True Z-Palm gloves. These marked the first hockey gloves on the market with interchangeable palms, meaning you could simply unzip the old palm and replace it with a new one at any time, even if it were within minutes of a game starting.

I was blown away by the concept of a replaceable palm, and try them out. Fortunately, True Hockey was kind enough to send me a sample pair for reviewing. I’ve been using them steadily for the past few months, and have had nothing but good things to say. Read on for my full True XC9 Z-Palm gloves review.

Appearance and Design

The True XC9 Z-Palm gloves feature a pretty standard design for a hockey glove. It’s not a four roll style glove, although that is available with Z-Palm technology as well, instead, it features True’s own unique look for an anatomical style glove.

The gloves I received were black and featured a red cuff roll. The True logo is embroidered into the cuff role and the XC9 logo embroidered on the thumb. It’s a straight forward and high quality look.

The obvious big feature and design element is the removable palm. Z-Palm interchangeable palms are removable and replaceable. The standard palm is a 1mm AX Suede base with 0.6mm Clarino overlay. This is optimized for comfort and feel.

True also offers the replacement palms listed below. They are each sold separately and can be used to fit both the XC9 and A6.0 glove models.

Z-Pro – $59.99

  • Pro preferred palm
  • Focuses on the best stick feel possible
  • 0.6mm Pro Grade Clarino
  • Buy Here


Z-Fit – $59.99

  • Focuses on ultimate comfort
  • Extremely soft Torray base with added overlay
  • 0.6mm premium Torray, 0.6mm overlay
  • Buy Here


Z-Grip – $49.99

  • Focuses on control with AX Suede base and grip overlays
  • Optimal for incredible stick and puck control
  • 0.75mm AX Suede, 0.5mm grip overlay
  • Buy Here


Z-Power – $49.99

  • Focuses on durability
  • Clarino construction and thick overlays
  • 1mm clarino, 1mm overlay, 0.6mm strategically placed overlay
  • Buy Here


Z-Standard – $39.99

  • Focuses on balance between comfort and stick feel
  • Pro Clarino Nash with durable overlay
  • 1mm Pro Grade Clarino, 0.6mm overlay
  • Buy Here


Fit and Feel

The XC9 Z-Palm feature a contoured and anatomical fit. This means that it should fit closer to the hand than a four roll or taper style glove. I wear a 14″ glove with every other brand, and the same was true here with the True XC9 Z-Palm gloves. However, the fit was not overly snug, especially one I switched to the pro style palm. Movement inside the glove was perfect for me, but if you’re looking for a super snug fit, consider sizing down.

The gloves weigh in at 356 grams and definitely feel light weight out on the rink. Depending on the palm you decide to use, you will also notice a change in weight. Obviously, a palm with more thickness and added overlays will weigh a bit more than a thin pro level palm.

I did have a chance to test out every palm offered by True as well. They each have their own benefits, as outlined above, but my favorite was the Z-Pro palm. I liked it because of how thin it was and the incredible feel it provided. Right out of the packaging it was incredibly soft and required no break in time at all. It’s also a relief knowing that even if a hole appears in the palm, a new one can be purchased and easily put in rather than replacing the entire glove.

The inside of the glove also feels soft and comfortable thanks to the Microban antimicrobial microfiber liner. It helps quickly wick away moisture while remaining soft and comfortable. This liner also helps to reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria by 99.99%, according to True Hockey.

Durability and Protection

The True XC9 Z-Palm gloves offer a pro nylon shell for breathable flexibility, but it’s also a good base for durability and protection. Underneath, 24mm Pro EPP Foam is used with 1mm PE inserts. This is actually thicker than the industry standard for pro-level protection. They use a triple density foam design in the backhand and fingers, as well as a segmented TrueFlex thumb with plastic protective extension.

Because of the high-quality materials used, I never had any issues with protection. Any slashes that I encountered while playing went unnoticed and the gloves allowed me to continue to compete at my highest level.

The durability level of the True XC9 gloves has also been outstanding. There are no huge signs of wear yet, even on the Z-Pro palm, which is True’s thinnest palm. No holes have appeared, and the gloves overall still seem to be in great shape. I’m very pleased with how they have held up so far.

Overall Impressions

Overall I have been incredibly happy with the new True XC9 Z-Palm gloves. The glove market is incredibly competitive, but True jumped into it with a feature that only they have, and it’s a great one. Having the ability to swap out palms is awesome, and makes this a glove you can keep for a real long time without having to send them to a specialist to have the palm repaired. On top of that, the Z-Palm gloves are available in both an anatomical fit, and a traditional higher volume four roll design, so you’re covered regardless of preference.

If you’re looking for a new pair of gloves, I would definitely recommend you give these a look. Given the features, comfort, and performance, I think anyone who picks these up will be happy with their decision.

Where to Buy?

If you’re looking to pull the trigger on these gloves and pick up a pair, check out Ice and Inline Warehouse for your purchase. They have the gloves listed for $179.97 and offer free ground shipping as well. Plus, with a purchase of Z-Palm gloves, you can also get a 2nd set of palms for as low as $23.97, which is an awesome discount.

Here are links to the True XC9 Z-Palm Gloves as well as the True A6.0 SBP Z-Palm four roll style gloves. If you pick up a pair, leave a comment below with your feedback. We’d love to hear from you and know how you liked them!

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  1. Pac Div
    12/07/2017 - 2:46 pm

    I have the XC9 Anatomical fit. While it will be nice to switch out the palms for ~$40 when worn, there are a couple things I don’t care for. First is- These are big. When I say that i don’t mean fit, I mean exterior padding. These are easily twice as tall (on the back of the hand) than my old Reebok 10K’s. I guess it’s “pro grade” but it’s way overkill for beer league. Kinda bulky. Second, the material is so soft at the thumb crotch, the material sometimes doubles up on itself reducing my grip.

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