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02/22/2017 by Matt

CCM Super Tacks Gloves

CCM will soon be releasing a new pair of gloves with an anatomical fit profile called the CCM Super Tacks gloves. The CCM Super Tacks gloves will fit snug around your hand and offer an open and flexible cuff. The fit has been adjusted from the previous Tacks gloves and the new fit will hug…

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02/17/2017 by Matt

Bauer Supreme 1S Shin Guards

Joining the rest of Bauer’s Supreme protective line getting a refresh this spring, we will see the brand new Bauer Supreme 1S shin guards launch in April. The Bauer Supreme 1S shin gaurds will feature premier level protection coming from the Curv composite and Powerlite technology in the shin cap. Curv composite will provide incredible strength…

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02/13/2017 by Matt

Bauer Supreme 1S Elbow Pads

This April, Bauer will be releasing an update to the Supreme line of protective equipment with the all new Bauer Supreme 1S elbow pads. These premier level elbow pads will feature an injected cap with Curv composite with Powerlite technology. We already know that Curv composite is extremely strong and lightweight, but now it adds in the…

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Best Footbeds and Insoles for Hockey Skates

02/10/2017 by Matt

The Best Footbeds and Insoles for Hockey Skates

Have you ever purchased a new pair of hockey skates only to realize they don’t offer the support you were expecting? This has happened to me many times. Whether it’s roller hockey skates, or ice hockey skates, I want the best footbed or insole inside. I want something that is going to provide adequate arch…

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02/07/2017 by Matt

2017 Bauer Vapor X900 Skates

This summer, Bauer will be refreshing their skate line with the new 2017 Bauer Vapor X900 skates. These skates are a premier offering from Bauer and will be the 2nd most expensive skate in the line. Diving right into the specs, we know that the 2017 Bauer Vapor X900 skates will feature a fit for low…

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CCM Jetspeed FT390 Skates

02/03/2017 by Matt

CCM Jetspeed FT390 Skates

This April, CCM will be updating their Jetspeed line of skates which will include the all new CCM Jetspeed FT390 skates. The CCM Jetspeed FT390 skates will be the second most expensive skate in the new line and offer a ton of great top end features. Here’s a look at what you can expect. Starting with…

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