Best Footbeds and Insoles for Hockey Skates

02/10/2017 by Matt

The Best Footbeds and Insoles for Hockey Skates

Have you ever purchased a new pair of hockey skates only to realize they don’t offer the support you were expecting? This has happened to me many times. Whether it’s roller hockey skates, or ice hockey skates, I want the best footbed or insole inside. I want something that is going to provide adequate arch support, be incredibly comfortable, and ultimately help me to perform better out on the rink.

The problem with this, however, is that often times only the top of the line hockey skates on the market will come with the best footbeds. Sometimes, even those skates don’t provide great footbeds. Fortunately, though, there are some terrific options available to purchase separately for anyone who wants to buy the best footbeds or insoles for hockey skates. Read on to see some options that you should definitely check out!

SuperFeet Insoles

SuperFeet have been around for a number of years now, but they are not really known as a hockey company. They make all types of insoles for a variety of different purposes, and fortunately enough, one of them happens to be hockey.

The original insole for using in a hockey skate was the SuperFeet Yellow insole, also known as the SuperFeet hockey comfort insoles. These insoles offer a tremendous amount of comfort and stability to your skates, while also providing the necessary support. They’re designed with a low-profile but have an elevated heel cup to increase the forward pitch.

A venting system in the SuperFeet footbed will help with air circulation and breathability, which works even better with skates that feature a ventilation system in the outsole. They have also sprayed the whole footbed in an organic odor controlling coating which will prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

If the SuperFeet insoles aren’t good enough, the same company also makes another model with a carbon fiber stabilizer cap for improved support called the SuperFeet Carbon Pro hockey insoles. This model is an upgrade over the original yellow insoles, but you might be wondering what the difference is between them.

Well, the Eyolyte carbon fiber stabilizer cap is the biggest change. This is used to provide even better support while also being incredibly lightweight. There is also a Flybridge feature which loads and channels energy while absorbing vibrations out on the ice. This is ultimately going to improve your starts, stops, and cornering. Finally, the SuperFeet Carbon Pro include an Aerolyte foam blend specifically for performance. This blend allows the insole to be thinner and lighter while providing more cushion and comfort.

The choice between the two SuperFeet insoles may depend on your budget and what features you’re looking for. Both, however, are incredibly good options and some of the highest rated footbeds or insoles for hockey skates currently on the market.

[Buy the SuperFeet Hockey Insoles for $34.95]
[Buy the SuperFeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles for $54.95]

Bauer Speed Plate Insoles

The Bauer Speed Plate footbeds are relatively new compared to other insoles, but they are real cool. The insoles themselves are actually thermoformable, meaning you can bake them with your skates and the footbed will actually mold to the shape of your foot. This design also offers a ton of advantages for skaters.

For one, you will notice an improvement with balance wearing the Bauer Speed Plate insoles. By allowing them to mold to the shape of your foot, the center of pressure is aligned directly over the blades which will enhance balance and improve overall stability. Beyond that, the heat molding also improves the amount of surface area which makes contact with your foot while skating. This results in better energy transfer with each stride, and improved acceleration. Finally, you’ll find that your agility on the ice has improved as heat molding helps to lock your heel and increase stability.

Should you ever want to re-mold the Speed Plate insoles, you can certainly do so. Bauer’s exclusive recovery alloy technology allows you to heat and mold the insole as many times as you find necessary so you can adjust for changes in fit and foot shape throughout the season.

Despite the Speed Plates being a Bauer product, you can fit them to any skate you want. For any adjustments, you can simply trim the insole down to fit correctly inside your boot.

[Buy the Bauer Speed Plate Insoles for $49.99]

CCM Custom Support Insoles

A few years back, CCM also introduced their own custom support hockey skate insoles for their higher level skates. When purchasing the skates from a retailer, you would actually receive the choice of a low, medium, or high arch insole to place in your skates. This would offer a bit more customization than a traditional insole.

Fortunately, CCM has made their custom support insoles available for purchase by themselves too.

They feature a top layer constructed with breathable fabric which allows moisture to diffuse sweat into the middle layer. In that middle layer, you’ll find a Freeflex memory foam which absorbs moisture and reduces odor. This foam also adapts to the contours of your foot, and improves the fit.

The base layer in CCM’s custom support footbeds is made from curEVA which is a pretty unique shock absorbing material. This setup helps to provide a tremendous amount of cushioning which helps to increase comfort. Below that you’ll find a rivet pressure distribution area, which helps to improve forefoot comfort and reduce stress on your foot. There’s also an added dynamic arch cradle which will change and adapt based on the size of your foot, improving stabilization.

[Buy the CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insoles for $49.99]

Shock Doctor Insoles

Shock Doctor is another brand known for making some hockey protective accessories such as jocks, compression gear, or mouthguards, but it turns out they also make hockey skate footbeds and insoles.

Now the Shock Doctor footbed is definitely the most affordable one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not any good. It actually uses adaptive arch technology to help work with every different foot type. It’s also contour fitting, which helps with comfort, and has great shock absorbing properties.

Another great feature of the Shock Doctor hockey skate insole is the use of airflow channels. Not only will this help to keep your foot cool and dry throughout play, but also helps to make the insole very lightweight.

Now, this insole isn’t going to offer the same anti-odor technologies that many of the others do but does a nice job of cradling the foot for maximum support. Additionally, the Mid-Foot Shockdome helps to keep the foot in a relaxed position throughout your entire skate.

[Buy the Shock Doctor hockey skate insoles for $19.99]

Final Thoughts

What I’ve outlined above are definitely the best footbeds and insoles for hockey skates that you can buy. Some of them are better than others, but each one would make for a solid choice depending on your budget.

If I had to absolutely had to pick one to buy, my choice would be the SuperFeet insoles. While the Bauer Speed Plate and CCM footbed offerings are also pretty great, SuperFeet takes it to a whole new level in terms of comfort, support, and performance benefits. Priced under $50, they are definitely worth the investment if you grab a mid-level pair of skates that doesn’t offer any type of support for your foot.

If you have any questions on the best footbeds and insoles for hockey skates, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer for you. Otherwise, if you have already picked up one of the hockey skate insoles or footbeds mentioned above, I would love to hear your feedback! Leave us a comment and let us know which ones you like the best and why!

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  1. Danny
    12/19/2018 - 7:29 pm

    how offend should i change the supper feet insole. I fell the ware down ?

    • Matt
      02/17/2022 - 10:05 pm

      It depends on how often you’re on the rink. If you’re out there frequently for practices and games, it would be reasonable to change them every year or two.

  2. Elizabeth Richter
    09/11/2019 - 7:08 am

    What do you think the best footbeds are for rivet protection? My son’s skates have always hurt where the rivet is but is now skating much more so it’s really bothering him. Thanks!

    • Matt
      02/17/2022 - 10:02 pm

      My personal recommendation for this issue would be the Superfeet insoles!

    04/07/2020 - 10:35 am

    I’m looking for the stock Bauer vapor 2X pro skate insoles size 8.5
    Having no luck, even called bauer.

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