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04/10/2017 by Matt

CCM Super Tacks Girdle

For those of you that are fans of a girdle and shell combination, rather than pants, make sure you take a look at the CCM Super Tacks Girdle with shell coming this spring.

The CCM Super Tacks Girdle offers tremendous 400D pro nylon construction, with added side panel reinforcement, optimized durability. It’s also incredibly lightweight, something that could give you the edge you are looking for.

The CCM Super Tacks Girdle offers a custom adjustment and a snug fit around the important areas, the waist and thighs. The adjustable thigh guard will add even more comfort as you can adjust both the length and the width. This ends up being great for those who are looking to find the perfect fit while also maximizing protection.

In the hip area of the CCM Super Tacks Girdle, you will find a JDP cap reinforced with D30 smart material which offers a pro level of protection. It also helps to disperse the force of impact away from the hip joint. The thigh area uses molded HD foam to offer lightweight protection which is again pro level and provides maximum protection.

The CCM Super Tacks Girdle also provides an adjustable D30 spine + HD foam. This will protect your back area and help keep you feeling well protected and comfortable out on the ice.

CCM will launch their brand new CCM Super Tacks Girdle this spring. You can pick it up from our friends at when it launches, and you can also grab a CCM shell to match your team colors.

CCM Super Tacks Girdle

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