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03/31/2017 by Matt

CCM Jetspeed FT1 Now Available for Pre-Order

The newest version in a long line of fantastic ice skates from CCM is now available for pre-order. The JetSpeed FT1 model has all the latest features you would expect from CCM and if you are looking into buying a new pair of skates during the off season, make sure you check these out.

The JetSpeed FT1’s have a one piece boot which provides a better wrap around the foot, adding comfort when wearing and offering a much better feel. Thanks to technological advances, the JetSpeed FT1 skates are the lightest version of the JetSpeed’s to date and their ultra-lightweight structure makes them incredible to wear.

As for the blade, CCM uses their Speedblade Hyperglide Steel providing superior speed for skaters and also giving extended life to the edges. For those looking to get every second of speed from their skates, the new version of the JetSpeed from CCM does everything they possibly can to help you achieve that.

The CCM JetSpeed FT1 skates, along with the rest of the new Jetspeed line of skates, are currently available for pre-order from our friends over at They will ship in time to arrive on your doorstep on April 28th so make sure you check these out when you can as I expect they will be a very popular choice over the summer. Make sure you leave the others behind when you skate out in your JetSpeed FT1 skates.

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