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04/16/2017 by Matt

CCM Ribcor 70K Skates

CCM has officially announced their refresh to the Ribcor skate line with the all new CCM Ribcor 70K skates.

Launching this summer, the CCM Ribcor 70K skates have been completely redesigned, removing familiar features such as the Pump and lace lock. The new Ribcor 70K skates feature plenty of great technology, though, which has allowed CCM to remove over 70 grams of weight from the previous generation of Ribcor skates.

Starting in the quarter package, the new Ribcor 70k skates will use a 3D lasted quarter with Flexframe technology which provides incredible forward flex to help players maximize the power generated with each and every stride. It will also help to improve lateral stability while skating. CCM’s Flexframe will also help to create a more biomechanically correct stride through the use of strategically placed flexion and reinforced zones in the boot.

The CCM Ribcor 70K skates are designed to offer a flexible fit. This means that they are contoured and will provide a snug fit for all players.

Inside the boot, you will find a TotalDri liner with durazone abrasion protection. This high-performance material with help to quickly wick moisture away from your feet and skates to help keep you dry and keep your skates light. A soft pad around the boot collar is also included to provide extra comfort. Meanwhile, symmetrical memory foam comfort pads will be used to wrap anatomically around your foot for a customized fit. This is also going to do a tremendous job increasing comfort.

A new high definition heel lock and ankle lock boot shape is also featured on the CCM Ribcor 70K skates. It replaces the need for the Pump from the previous generation while offering a flexible fit for all players. Griptonite will be used in addition to this to help lock your foot in place while skating.

Moving into the tongue of the CCM Ribcor 70K skates you will find a TriTech pro tongue with molded lace bite protection. This 3 layer tongue uses 7mm felt along with HDPE foam and an injected lace bite prevention area which provides additional comfort and protection.

Beneath the skates is a lightweight composite midsole for excellent energy transfer. You will also notice that the CCM Ribcor 70K skates are not a one piece skate like the Super Tacks and Jetspeed FT1 skates. However, they do include an extra stiff carbon composite outsole with an exhaust system for additional airflow to help keep your feet cool and dry.

Underneath it all will be a Speedblade 4.0 holder along with Speedblade black steel. The steel comes with an oxide treatment which makes it harder to provide a longer edge life and makes it more resistant to corrosion.

The all new CCM Ribcor 70K skates look to be a huge upgrade over the previous generation, and will surely excite anyone who wears skates from the Ribcor line. If you’re thinking about getting a pair of these, you will not have to wait long. Pre-orders are scheduled to start in June, and the skates should launch in July. For pre-orders and purchasing, head over to our friends at They will be the first to carry these skates when they launch and will be offering them for $699.99.

CCM Ribcor 70K Skates

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