Graf PeakSpeed PK7700 Skates

05/17/2017 by Matt

Graf PK7700 Skates Review

Earlier this year, I took a trip to Vaughn Custom Sports to talk about the all-new Graf PeakSpeed PK7700 skates. I came away impressed with the work that had gone into the skates and was excited to have the opportunity to test the skates after receiving a loaner pair to skate in. Read on for my impressions after of Graf’s latest skate in my Graf PK7700 skates review.

Design and Construction:

Right off the bat, the Graf PK7700 disappointed me with the design. After many years of offering skates with the highlighter looking accent color, the PK7700 went in a completely different direction and used black and red. To me, this was a mistake, and I was told that Graf’s next release may head back in that direction. I’m just not sure why you would want to move away from something that has been a staple to your design language for such a long time.

Enough of my rant though, here are the specs that the PK7700 offers out of the box:

Quarter: Ultra light 2-piece heat moldable composite quarter panel for a lockdown fit and quick acceleration

Runner: Cobra 2.0 Ti is a titanium nano-coated runner with a 10 ft radius

Collar: FlexFit collar for unmatched agility in corners

Holder: Graf 5000 holder with replaceable runner

Tongue: Asymmetrical design prevents shifting of the tongue

Toe cap: Lined toe cap provides enhanced protection on direct puck impact

Liner: heat moldable, heel locking, stay dry liner

Footbed: Moldable arch support with brushed microfiber for maximum comfort

Weight: 780g

Graf PeakSpeed PK7700 Skates

Fit and Comfort:

The Graf PK7700 skates are sized pretty comparable to other skate brands. I typically wear a 9.5 in Bauer and CCM, and the Grafs were not much different. A 9.5 was a bit smaller than I expected out of the box, but I’m not sure it was enough to warrant going up a half size.  If I would have baked and broken in the skates more, the fit would have been okay.

In terms of comfort, Graf has included many high-quality materials in these skates, and that lead to a comfortable boot. While FlexFit collar and other features are nothing new when compared to other high-end skates, it’s nice to see Graf include this feature.


Leading up to using the Graf PK7700 skates, I was very excited. I had never skated in a Graf skate before but had always heard great things. The best way I could describe these skates, however, would be good, not great.

Out on the ice, the skates took quite a bit of time to get used to. It was a brand new boot and a holder I’ve never used before, so I could not adjust as quickly as I can to a Bauer or CCM skate. I never really got comfortable using the Graf 5000 holder either. I can’t attribute it to anything in particular, but it just didn’t work for me.

In terms of overall skate performance, Graf seemed to just hit the mark for an average skate with the PK7700. That’s not to say I didn’t like it or thought it performed poorly. It features a nice composite boot, and that leads to some excellent energy transfer with each stride. However, I was not blown away by breakaway speed or incredible agility. It was just a very average experience compared to the latest releases from other big brands.

Overall Impressions:

My understanding of Graf skates has always been that you either love them and will using nothing else, or you’re really just not a big fan. After using the Graf PK7700 skates, I think I fall into the second category. While the skates offer a solid set of features and performed adequately, there is nothing about that blows me away. Since the holder was easily my least favorite part about the skates, I don’t think that I could commit to buying a pair if I were in the market for new skates.

Beyond that, the price tag of $689.99 for the PK7700 seems rather high for what you get. Despite this being Graf’s highest offering, I certainly wouldn’t compare this skate to the top end models from Bauer or CCM, but somewhere further down the line. Even at a matching price point, in my opinion, you’re getting a better performing piece of equipment and a better overall value by selecting something from one of the big brands.

If you’re a big Graf fan and the update to their skate line has you excited, you can head over to to pick up a pair. They currently retail for $689.99, but are available in limited sizes.

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