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Brand new for summer 2017, CCM has introduced the all new CCM RBZ FT1 stick as the latest premier level stick in their RBZ line-up.

The CCM RBZ FT1 stick will pick up right where its predecessor left off, and incorporate some awesome new features. Let’s dive right in and see what new tech we can expect in the new RBZ FT1 stick.

First, CCM has improved the Smash Factor with the RBZ FT1. This means that the CCM RBZ FT1 stick can generate more power on each shot, and ultimately a offer you a harder and faster shot.

Next, you’ll find an update to the Faceplate technology on the CCM RBZ FT1 stick. CCM has optimized the Faceplate to increase stiffness while reducing weight of the blade. These changes to the blade will also help to improve the C.O.R. throughout the blade and result in a more powerful shot.

CCM has also used their Powerhosel 2 technology in the taper of the new RBZ FT1 stick. The taper design uses a longer shaft tip which sits deeper towards the heel of the blade. This is meant to improve energy transfer when shooting the puck.

The shaft of the CCM RBZ FT1 stick is constructed using Technora reinforcement. Layers of Aramid fibers are used in the design as they provide improved durability without sacrificing performance. This is due to the bending properties of the fibers. The stick also offers a nice custom flex profile designed for shooters. The shaft will actually flex differently for each shot depending on where the player’s bottom hand is placed.

Finally, CCM has updated the look and design of the RBZ FT1 stick with the preferences of their pro players in mind. The updated design offers the same expressive colors that you’re familiar with on the RBZ line, but it has refreshed the personality with a bit of a darker and meaner tone. The new look for the CCM RBZ FT1 stick is awesome.

Players who like the RBZ should be excited for this new stick. By switching over to the CCM RBZ FT1 stick, you will see performance improvements and most notably an even harder shot out on the rink.

To get your hands on the new CCM RBZ FT1 stick, you will have to wait until September. However, later this summer you will be able to pre-order the new FT1 from, so keep an eye out for updates!


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