Warrior Alpha QX Gloves

01/24/2017 by Matt

Warrior Alpha QX Gloves

Along with the new sticks, Warrior will soon be releasing the all new Warrior Alpha QX gloves.

The new Warrior Alpha QX gloves will be sort of a hybrid glove that offers a traditional four-roll design with an anatomical fit. It features what Warrior is calling a “disruptive” four roll design with modern detailing and high-performance construction.

Warrior’s hybrid taper fit on the Warrior Alpha QX gloves allows the four-roll glove to follow the natural shape of your hand, while still offering the volume you need. It’s designed to allow you to maximize mobility and also enhances protection.

The new Warrior Alpha QX gloves will also feature a hybrid flex cuff to further improve mobility while still maintaining comfort. This new hybrid flex cuff will not only extend your range of motion but will also provide additional protection out on the rink.

To dive deeper into the protective aspects, the Warrior Alpha QX gloves will offer Phantom lightweight protection. This is a blend of world class foam protection, combined with shield inserts and works tremendously at absorbing big impacts. It is also very flexible and comfortable around your hands and can be found in the fingers, backhand, and cuff.

Of course, these wouldn’t be Warrior gloves if they didn’t feel completely broken in as soon as you put them on. Warrior uses responsive lycra gussets, an axi-flex thumb, as well as an anatomical stretch backhand to provide the most comfortable feel on the market.

Beyond that, Warrior will continue to use their Wartech liner powered by Polygiene. This liner works to help speed up the evaporation process, and the Polygiene addition works to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. In my opinion, Warrior’s gloves are the best in the business at drying quickly and continuing to stay fresh. I’m certain this trend will continue with the Alpha QX gloves as well.

While we still don’t have an exact release date yet on the Warrior Alpha QX gloves, we do know they will be ready for launch in 2017 and will be fully customizable as well. In addition, Warrior will also be releasing a new line of sticks. Stay tuned for further updates!

Warrior Alpha QX Gloves

Wayne Gretzky Warrior Alpha QX Gloves

Wayne Gretzky using a customized version of the Warrior Alpha QX gloves. Photo: Warrior Hockey

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