Warrior Alpha QX Stick Nikita Zaitsev

12/22/2016 by Matt

Warrior Alpha QX Stick

Warrior Hockey will be introducing a new line of sticks in 2017, featuring the premier level Warrior Alpha QX stick.

The all new Warrior Alpha QX stick is said to replace the Dynasty line of sticks and offers a darker color scheme which is visually stunning.

While it’s not yet available for retail purchase, there are some NHL players already starting to use the Warrior Alpha QX stick. Players such as Brandon Saad of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Nikita Zaitsev of the Toronto Maple Leafs have recently been seen using the Warrior Alpha QX on the ice.

The new Warrior Alpha QX stick is ultimately designed to provide effortless loading which will result in an explosive and accurate release. A low kick point is utilized and extends from the bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel area. This Sabre Taper design works to maintain torsional stiffness which allows for a more controlled recoil and improved shot accuracy.

The stick is engineered with Minimum Carbon 1000 which is a flat-weave carbon composite. This design helps to enhance to entire shaft and blade. Not only is it lightweight, but it also provides incredible strength and responsiveness. The Alpha QX is also constructed as a true one piece design. In fact, it is Warrior’s lightest and strongest one piece stick ever made and weighs in at only 410 grams.

Not only is the taper design brand new on the Alpha QX stick, but the shaft shape is also new. The Alpha QX will use an ergonomic contour shaped shaft to enhance touch and feel. Out on the ice, this new ergonomic design will help improve your dekes, toe drags, and ultimately your shot. The shaft also features textured corners with a tacky soft grip finish

The shaft design will also feature textured corners and a tacky soft grip finish. This will help to keep your hands locked in place and improve your control and accuracy.

We expect the brand new Warrior Alpha QX stick to launch in either the spring or summer of 2017 for a retail price of about $299.99. Warrior will also have a new line of gloves being released, click here for details on those.

Check out the full line of Alpha QX sticks below, including the top level Warrior Alpha QX stick, and leave us a comment with your thoughts on Warrior’s new line!

Warrior Alpha QX Stick

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