Warrior Alpha QX Stick Pre Order

06/20/2017 by Matt

Warrior Alpha Sticks Available for Pre-Order

For many Warrior Hockey fans, the day you have been waiting for is finally here. As of last week, the all new Warrior Alpha line of sticks are officially available for pre-order from IceWarehouse.com. The all new Warrior Alpha stick line includes half a dozen sticks at different price points and all sorts of tremendous…

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Warrior Covert PX+ Helmet

01/25/2017 by Matt

Top 3 Helmets from Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings

Virginia Tech recently concluded their study on hockey helmets and have released their rankings using the STAR evaluation system. STAR rankings go from one to five stars, with five being the best and one being the worst. No hockey helmets achieved a five-star rating, nor a four-star rating. The top 3 helmets in the game,…

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Warrior Alpha QX Gloves

01/24/2017 by Matt

Warrior Alpha QX Gloves

Along with the new sticks, Warrior will soon be releasing the all new Warrior Alpha QX gloves. The new Warrior Alpha QX gloves will be sort of a hybrid glove that offers a traditional four-roll design with an anatomical fit. It features what Warrior is calling a “disruptive” four roll design with modern detailing and high-performance…

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Warrior Alpha QX Stick Nikita Zaitsev

12/22/2016 by Matt

Warrior Alpha QX Stick

Warrior Hockey will be introducing a new line of sticks in 2017, featuring the premier level Warrior Alpha QX stick. The all new Warrior Alpha QX stick is said to replace the Dynasty line of sticks and offers a darker color scheme which is visually stunning. While it’s not yet available for retail purchase, there are…

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