True XC9 ACF Stick

01/17/2017 by Matt

True XC9 ACF Stick

True Hockey has announced the next release in their series of X series sticks, the all new True XC9 ACF stick.

The True XC9 ACF stick is packed with technology, and loaded with great new features as well. It’s designed to be a precision shooters stick with unmatched accuracy, control, and feel. In fact, that is what the ACF stands for: Accuracy, Control, and Feel.

In terms of design, the True XC9 ACF stick offers a true one-piece compression molded shaft. This design process is unique to True Hockey. The stick also includes up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, creating a consistent and durable stick which optimizes both feel and performance.

As far as technology, the True XC9 ACF stick is built around XCore technology. According to True Hockey, here’s how it works:

XCORE technology produces up to 30% more puck spin on contact, resulting in pinpoint precision when shooting or passing. The compressible urethane insert cradles the puck during stick handling and receiving hard passes. When combined with modified BRT technology, the face bond of the blade is improved, enhancing durability and consistency throughout the blade’s life.

Beyond that, the XCORE┬áinsert is responsible for providing incredible puck control whether you’re stick handling or catching passes. It also maximizes the feel of the puck while out on the ice.

Smartflex technology will also be present in the True XC9 ACF stick. It is engineered as a traditional mid-kick stick, but the Smartflex technology allows the stick to be optimized for all shot types. With this technology, the top of the shaft is softer so energy will be loaded with ease. The stick becomes progressively stiffer as you move down the shaft, which will help it to hold the energy load and explode it out into a powerful and accurate shot.

The True XC9 ACF stick will utilize square corners with double concave sidewalls and will come in a matte grip finish with a matte blade. A senior XC9 ACF stick will weigh roughly 415 grams, and come in flexes ranging from 75 to 105. It will be available for purchase from retailers such as Ice and Inline Warehouse in March.

True XC9 ACF Stick

True XC9 ACF Stick

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