01/17/2017 by Matt

Jamie Benn Destroys His Bauer Supreme 1S Sticks

It must have been a rough game for Jamie Benn, and he took all of his frustrations out on a set of Bauer Supreme 1S sticks.

In total, there were three sticks destroyed after Benn’s tantrum while playing the Buffalo Sabres during an afternoon game on Martin Luther King Jr day. The host Sabres would go on to win the game 4-1, but Benn’s antics were obviously the talk of the day.

Benn, who has battled injuries as of late, first took out his frustrations on a stick while still on the ice. He snapped his Bauer Supreme 1S stick over his knee and tossed away part of the shaft and blade in disgust.

Later, back on the bench, Benn decided he wanted to give it another shot. He had two more sticks in front of him, and decided to snap both of those in half over his knee too.

Despite Benn’s modest success on the ice with 10 goals and 25 assists, his play has fallen well short of past years. Much of that can be attributed to injuries, but certainly not all. Beyond that, the Dallas Stars are currently out of the playoff picture and have some catching up to do if they hope to make it back.

As far as sticks go, perhaps it would be best for Benn to leverage another model. If he wants to stick with Bauer, we recommend the Nexus 1N stick. If not, you can’t go wrong with a CCM Super Tacks.

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