CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Stick

07/19/2017 by Matt

CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Stick Review

CCM Hockey recently released an update to their Tacks line of sticks. At the pro level, we have the all new Super Tacks 2.0 stick which includes a few great updates that CCM hopes will take this stick to a new level. Have they outdone themselves once again with the Tacks line? Thanks to our friends at CCM sending a new Super Tacks 2.0 stick over a review unit, we were able to get our hands on the stick to give our thoughts and opinions. Find out what we thought in by reading on in our full CCM Super Tacks 2.0 stick review.


The Tacks line of sticks remains one of the best looking on the market today. The combination of yellow accents on a black stick has always been eye catching to me, and the Super Tacks 2.0 stick is no different.

It doesn’t just end with visual appeal though, the Super Tacks 2.0 stick has all the technology to back it up as well. The stick is constructed with Sigmatex carbon fiber which is both lighter and stronger than materials used previously. The Sigmatex not only exists within the shaft, but it is also present in the blade. CCM utilized this material to reduce weight in the blade and to help improve accuracy.

Beyond that, the Super Tacks 2.0 stick offers a responsive dual flex profile which will flex differently depending on the type of shot you are taking. However, the stick does seem to be designed more for power and slapshots.


Over the past few years, the CCM Tacks line of sticks has been my absolute favorite. This is due to its performance in a few key areas, including puck feel, balance, and shooting. with the CCM Super Tacks 2.0, we have a brand new stick, but very familiar results. From my time with the Super Tacks 2.0, it has performed incredibly well.

Starting with puck feel, I have been very pleased with what the Super Tacks 2.0 offers. Changes to the blade have been applied nicely, and have not negatively changed one of my favorite aspects of the Tacks sticks. Feel for the puck is still very strong, allowing you to feel confident skating the puck up the ice without having to drop your head or lower your eyes to keep an eye on the puck.

The Super Tacks 2.0 stick is also very nicely balanced. It feels great in the hands and while it’s not the lightest stick on the market, weighing in at 420 grams, it is still very lightweight. The balance and weight definitely work in your favor when it comes to stickhandling and shooting as well.

Speaking of shooting, so far I have been really impressed with the shots I’ve been taking with the Super Tacks 2.0. It hasn’t been just one style of shot either, I have found success with snap shots, wrist shots, and slap shots. The responsive dual flex profile on the Tacks 2.0 stick is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and serves well in a variety of different situations. It offers a quick release, tons of kick and power, and a resulting hard and accurate shot.

Overall Impressions

CCM has outdone itself once again with the all new Super Tacks 2.0 stick. It has met and exceeded my expectations for a one-piece composite stick, and is definitely one of my top 3 sticks on the market right now.

Many sticks offer some of the performance that I’m looking for in a pro level stick, but the Super Tacks 2.0 seems to check all the right boxes. If I were in the market for a brand new stick for the upcoming season, I would not hesitate at all to pull the trigger on CCM’s latest and greatest Tacks release.

Where to buy?

The CCM Super Tacks 2.0 stick is now available from hockey retailers everywhere. If you’re looking to pick one up today, please check out our friends over at Ice and Inline Warehouse. Pick one up and you get free shipping on your order too. Click here and you can grab yours today for $299.99.

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