Building a New CCM Ribcor Trigger for Zach Parise

12/27/2016 by Matt

Building a New CCM Ribcor Trigger for Zach Parise

It’s always interesting to get an inside look at how a particular hockey product is made, or what might go in to¬†designing a product for a professional hockey player to use.

Last week, CCM Hockey treated all of their fans and followers not only by announcing their partnership with Zach Parise, but also by giving us an inside look at how his new CCM Ribcor Trigger stick was made.

In the video, CCM biomechanics research developer Marc Levangie talks about Parise’s main shot out on the ice, where on the blade he loads and shoots the puck from, how his old Easton stick was different, and what CCM ended up creating to suit his needs.

The one-minute long video is truly insightful and offers an exceptional look at how a professional athlete such as Zach Parise can have his equipment customized to fit his style of play.

If you could have your equipment altered to fit your style of play, how do you think it would be changed? We would love to hear from you, so drop us a note in the comments and let us know what equipment changes would make you a better hockey player!

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