Verbero Mercury Stick

12/06/2016 by Matt

Verbero Mercury Stick

Verbero Hockey surprised many recently with the release of the all new Verbero Mercury hockey stick.

The Verbero Mercury stick features 3k carbon fiber construction and also includes compressed carbon fiber on the blade for improved shot accuracy. The blade features a top of the line foam core as well, meaning you get top notch feel and great durability. The Verbero Mercury also includes Toray T700 carbon fiber in the shaft for a strong build and stick that is well balanced, light weight, and impact resistant.

One of the cool elements to the Verbero Mercury stick design is the coat of thermochromatic paint on the shaft. This unique design feature allows the shaft to change colors to a lighter gray with friction and grip, or with extreme temperature changes.

The Verbero Mercury stick weighs in at around 400 grams and comes in senior flexes of 95, 85, and 75. The stick offers a mid/low kick point, and measures in at 65 inches in length. The stick comes with a grip shaft and is available in a variety of different patterns.

If you want to pick up the all new Verbero Mercury stick, head over to to check it out. The stick is currently available for $189.99 and U.S. orders ship for free.


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