CCM Super Tacks Pants

03/10/2017 by Matt

CCM Super Tacks Pants

Next month, CCM will add the CCM Super Tacks pants to their refreshed lineup of ice hockey gear. The CCM Super Tacks pants were designed to not only be extremely protective, but
also to offer a more customizable experience when it comes to fit.

The CCM Super Tacks pants will offer an anatomical fit that is comfortable around the body. In terms of shell construction, the CCM Super Tacks pants offer a pro 4000 nylon shell with side panel reinforcement. This material is used to reduce weight while remaining extra durable.

In the hip, you’ll find a JDP cap that is reinforced with D3O smart material. This pro level protection will work to absorb the force of any impact and move it away from your hip. Moving into the kidney, you’ll find molded PE protection while in the thigh guard CCM has used molded HD and PE foam.

Moving to the back of the CCM Super Tacks pants, an adjustable HD floating spine protector with D3O was used. This will provide excellent protection for your lower back, while the adjustability helps you to customize fit based on what’s comfortable for you.

Further adjustments and customizations can be found in the padded belt system of the CCM Super Tacks pants. This belt system comes with a hidden length adjusting zipper which allows you to increase the length of your pants up to an extra inch.

The CCM Super Tacks pants offer the perfect amount of D3O smart foam, along with plenty of other great protective pieces, to give you professional level protection out on the ice.

When the Super Tacks pants go on sale in April, they will be available in both black and navy blue. Sizing for senior, junior, and youth players will be available. Keep an eye out at our favorite retailer,, during April to be one of the first to grab a new pair of CCM Super Tacks pants.

CCM Super Tacks Pants

CCM Super Tacks Pants

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